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Meal Prep Delivery FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions


Savage Chef delivers and offers pickup of fresh never frozen meals.
Order each week by TUESDAY to receive a Sunday fulfillment.
Order each week by THURSDAY to receive a Monday fulfillment.
Delivery is between 5PM-9PM and pickup is between 3PM-6PM on Sunday
Delivery is between 6Pm-9pm and pickup is between 1PM-4PM on Monday.
Each menu item comes in groups of TWO (2).  There must be a minimum of THREE (3) items to place an order.
All orders can be paid with Credit Card or Cash upon delivery.

How long will my meals last??

Meals will last 5 to 6 days. You can freeze them at your discretion to allow them to last longer.

how should I reheat my meals?

Each container will have heating instructions on their lid.

what time will my meals be delivered?

Delivery is between 5pm-9pm on Sundays and 6pm-9pm on Mondays.

When Can I pick up my meals?

pickup is between 5pm-9pm on Sunday and 1pm-4pm on Monday, at 5 East Main St Webster ny 14580.

why do the prices seem to be doubled?

Meals that are purchased a la carte come in pairs. So when you order one item it will be two individually portioned meals of that item.

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